Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What the heck is happening in this country.

What the heck is happening in this country.
Once again we see a frail eighty year old woman dying because somebody was to bloody lazy to listen and take notice.
This old lady was for three hours trapped in a manhole opened by mindless idiots that have no right to be running loose on our streets.
This was no accident, it was caused by some brainless thugs who had been terrorising this old lady until she was frightened to return home until after dark. They removed the manhole cover with the sole purpose in mind that she would not see it open in the dark, and so fall into it.
The local police superintendent said that they had not been made aware of this particular problem.
A colleague of the old lady said that she had reported it but the police were not interested.
Neighbours had also complained to the police about the gang.
So just how is a problem to be reported for the police to take notice. Don’t they relise that ignoring the problem now is only building a bigger problem for the future.
These yobs will think that they can get away with anything and so what next, mugging, burglary, knifing someone.
Catching them now and giving them a stiff sentence will stop some of them going on to bigger things.
What this country needs are boot camps, run by a strict military styled regime, a spell in these places just might teach them a little respect for others.
I’m sure if it had been their eighty year old grandmother, they would not have thought it was funny.
And before anybody says it I do relise what the police have to cope with and that when they do catch these yobs they need the backup of sensible magistrates. I am also completely anti PC, in fact I think that these idiots have a lot to answer for for what they have done to society today.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Our so-called NHS and caring society

How disgusting can you get? One heck of a lot it seems, Bristol NHS should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
War hero former Sergeant Bernard Warren 86 years old is dying of three cancers and dementia yet this pompous authority have the nerve to say he is not ill enough.
How the devil did they come to that conclusion, just how ill do you have to be.
His wife has nursed him at home for the past six years, how much money has that already saved this so-called NHS authority.
Officials told his wife that his condition did not tick enough boxes, what idiots run this place.
This man fought for this country and helped give them the life they have now and like any other person should be given the care that he now needs.
This is just another case of what is wrong with this country today.
These authorities are run by people who just sit in their plush offices drawing a ridiculous salary and whose only interest is balancing the books.
Like many others his wife has now got to try and find the money for his care herself.
If this is not disgusting I don’t know what is. It goes hand in hand with our MOD who do there damndest to try to find ways of cutting benefit for our boys injured in Afghanistan and the like
What the rest of the world makes of this country I hate to think.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Bravery of a six year old

How wonderful in these days of I’m all right jack, we see something really wonderful and courageous. Young six year old Billy Bates was on holiday and playing in a pool with arm bands on when he saw another young 4 year old lad out of his depth and in trouble. He was going under and waving his hands about as he sank.
What did young Billy do? He knew another young child was in trouble and although he could not swim himself he doggy paddled to the young lad and grabbed hold of his waist and kept the lad’s head above water until help arrived.
Young Billy’s comment, I was a bit scared, I wanted to help him.
Help him, the child’s dad said he saved his life.
Young Billy deserves a commendation. When he is older he will have something to remember with pride.
If this isn’t a lesson for us all I don’t know what is.
Wouldn’t the world be a better place if only there were more young Billies about.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Why do councils have to destroy things?

Today I walked around the place where I was brought up.
I was brought up in the Old Town of Hastings here in the UK. Now this is not to be confused with Hastings itself.
The Old Town is the fishing quarter of the original Hastings, with its fishing fleet that has fished off this coast for centuries.
Its historic houses and little passageways with their quaint old cottages give it its charm.
I spent a wonderful childhood here among what was a real community. It is the part of Hastings that people come to see. Frankly without the Old Town Hastings itself would not be a holiday attraction.
Admittedly it has the Castle which William the Conqueror built when he invaded England in 1066 but apart from that its just an everyday seaside town.
The problem being that we have councillors who believe we should all be dragged into the 21st century.
That in itself is ok, but here they try to destroy any connection with the past and build real monstrosities.
This is what is happening to the beautiful old town that I knew.
I think over the years instead of being proud of the old area they have constantly been jealous of it and tried systematically to destroy it.
First they drove a main road right through the centre of it cutting it into two.
Then they go about ripping out the old passageways and in their place build what they call modern town houses.
Slowly over the years what was a thriving bustling community has vanished.
Walking through those streets with every shop you needed there is now what?
The main High Street nothing but junk shops. George Street, instead of all the variety of shops once there now is a street full of pubs and cafes with tables and chairs lining the street.
The latest madness of this wonderful council is on our old Stade to rip down buildings that have stood there since I can’t remember when and replace them with a monstrosity of a building called a Jerwood Gallery, this Art box is set in the middle of an ancient fishing area regardless of the uproar and protest.
There are many other unused place for this HUT further to the other end of modern Hastings and St Leonards where it would fit in better.
But no, our councillors know better, this is where they want it. They left out the line of ‘this will destroy another part of this Old Town.’
My only wish is that the people of this town would get together, find out which councillors voted for this HUT, and vote them out of office. If this were done just maybe future councillors would realise they were put into office to organise and do the best for their town instead of systematically destroying it.
I just wish these people would come to realise that it’s the Old Hastings visitors come to see.
Destroy it and when it’s gone it’s gone. There is no going back.
You would not see places like Rye, just along the coast, destroying its heritage like this. They know what people come to see. They have more sense.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Union Leaders Flexing Their Muscles Again

Once again we have the union leaders banding together to try and bring a new government to its knees. Don’t they realise the mess this country is in.
What is it with the union members, most of them seem like lemmings following their union leader to the edge of the cliff. The trouble is when they reach it they, the union members, are the ones that go over, the union bosses do not go with them.
They still sit in their ivory towers spouting their bile against the employers.
Don’t they realise that things are tough, they are tough the world over and they ought to be working with the employers to work out ways to safeguard the jobs. All they seem to be interested in is bringing a firm to its knees.
It does not matter how much a company bends over backwards to meet their demands, they just come up with something else.
Do these union members honestly believe they have the support of joe public when they rejoice in their union leaders bringing airlines or rail services for example out on strike at holiday times.
They do their damndest to mess up your holiday and then cannot understand it if you do not support them.
Take the post office. OK the postman does a great job. I know what it is like starting while others are still tucked up in bed, out there in all weathers. I used to be a milkman.
Can’t these people see that if their union leaders have their way they soon will not have a job.
It’s a fact of life that Airlines, Post Office, Railways, Haulage Companies are there to make a profit and in today’s world there has got to be changes whether they like it or not.
I think these union members ought to take a minute and reflect on the miners’ strike.
The only person that came out on top there was Arthur Scargill . When all the mines closed down do they think he was in the dole queue with them. Like hell he was. All he left behind were devastated communities.
These leaders of their beloved unions make sure that if all goes wrong they are safeguarded, they are not going down with the members. They are there to create havoc no matter what.
If I was a union member the next time the union calls a strike I would ask myself how close I was to being without a job.
Get it into your heads you union bosses, Labour has gone. There is new light and hope in this country, just help repair the damage.
You just might be respected a little more by the public

Monday, 13 September 2010

Hospital Errors, Enough is Enough!

What is up with hospitals today, we know these people are stretched, but that’s no reason to get slapdash.
Another poor woman goes to hospital with severe stomach pains and passing blood. Records show over time she was seen by ten doctors. She was treated like a nuisance, told she was anorexia or had depression and given paracetimol.
She was finally given a CT Scan for all the good that did, and was told she was riddled with tumours and now with no chance of survival.
A spokeswoman from Heartland Hospital said we are very sorry for her concerns. OK that makes it alright then I suppose.
If it had been a relative of theirs treated like this I’ve no doubt they would have created merry hell.
It’s not the first time this has happened and no doubt will not be the last.
Defiantly not it seems for another poor chap in Nottingham had a brain tumour the size of a lemon, this he suffered for four years, a doctor failed to examine his scan results which were only discovered when he went to a different hospital, thank goodness somebody was on the ball.
We know all hospitals are not the same, I had surgery at my local hospital in Hastings and could not have been treated better, From the nurses to the Surgeon I was treated as if I were their only patient. Well done the Conquest Hospital.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Formular 1 Mess

I’m a great fan of Formula 1. But can anyone tell me why they have to go and spoil it.
You get one team that gets penalised for some offence or other and another team with Pots of money get a piddling little fine and walk away with a grin on their faces.
The case in question being Ferraris last race at Germany, they blatantly tell one driver Felipe Massa to pull over and let Fernando Alonso overtake so that he would gain the extra points. This team seems to get away with everything.
I always thought that winning was about racing one against the other and the best drive wins.
But not now it seems. How anybody can take credit or have the nerve to stand on a podium for being allowed to win I’ll never know.
Shouldn’t somebody explain to them that to rejoice in winning you have to pit yourself against the others, otherwise why not just toss a coin and decide who wins,
Don’t get me wrong, I think Fernando Alonso is a great driver so why would he want to win by another driver letting him. Surly even he can see theirs no pride in it.
To be a real champion you have to achieved this on your own performance not on the back of others.
Are they frightened that Ferrari would pull out if they do not get their own way.
Maybe this would be a good thing, I would be sorry to see them go but I’m sure F1 would survive without them